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We are pleased to announce the programme for our event on 7 May!

1100 Open

The original early modern Baxters, Fleshers and Hammermen books will be be on display all day. Don’t miss this chance to come and see this fascinating part of St Andrews history.

We’ll also have experts from MakLab there all day, with their cutting-edge prototyping equipment. Come and try out their 3D printer, laser cutter and more!

1130 – 1215 The Flesher: How to Joint a Whole Lamb (not suitable for vegetarians!!)

Stuart Minick and his assistant will demonstrate how to turn a lamb carcass into the different cuts of meat that we enjoy for dinner. He’ll explain how the techniques have changed over time, and will show a powerpoint with expert insights into the butchery trade.

1315 – 1400 The Hammerman: The Ancient Art of Riveting

Mihai Cocris will talk about the art and science of joining metal, and how it has changed over the centuries. He’ll be demonstrating technology old and new, and maybe even bringing some of his tools to show us. Riveting!

1400 Photography Prizes 

Over the last few weeks St Andrews Photographic Society have been capturing local craftspeople in action. At 1400 Graeme Nicol, former Deacon Convener of the Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen, will award prizes for the best photographs in our exhibition.

1430 – 1515 MakLab Workshop: Laser-Cut Block Printing

Twenty lucky participants will get the chance to print their own designs onto a bag or scarf using woodblocks cut with a laser cutter. Our MakLab experts will be on hand to show how it’s done. Book your place now to avoid disappointment!

1530 – 1615 The Baxter: The Perfect Bannock

Murray Barnett will be talking about the baker’s craft, past and present, and the many skills needed for success. He’ll also be doing a delicious display of his work in the form of bannocks, a very old bakery product.

1615 Poster Prizes

We are looking for entries for our poster competition! See this page for details. Bring yours along or do it on the day, and you could win some crafty prizes! Entries will be displayed in the hall and judged by Rachel Hart, Deputy Head of Special Collections at the University Library.

1630 Close

Throughout the day you can try your hand at some palaeography activities (reading old writing), take on our ‘Ask the Expert’ challenge and find out if you share a surname with an early modern craftsman!