The Craftsmen of St Andrews Past and Present would like to thank the following people for generously giving their help, advice and specialist skills in support of the project:

Rachel Hart, Gabriel Sewell and all the staff in Special Collections; Stuart and Meg Minick, Mihai and Louisa Cocris and Murray Barnett; Graeme Nicol of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen; Chris Reekie, Mathew Schwartz and the St Andrews Photographic Society; Delphine Dallison and the MakLab team; Mhairi Stewart, Laura Bates and Michael Brown; Elsie Johnstone, Lorna Harris and Andy Eccles; Anne Rutten, Morvern French, Sean Murphy, Sarah Leith, Ashley Husband Powton, Ashley Atkins and Hanna Bjornes; Duncan Stewart and all the staff in Print & Design; Amanda at; Erin Niven and the Media Services team; Sheila Tilbrook and Eric at St Andrews Town Hall; Morag Allan Campbell, Norman Reid and Muriel Watson at the Strathmartine Centre; Graeme and Joanna Bletcher; Julie Cowie, Jan Hamilton and Julia Complin; all the staff in the Institute of Scottish Historical Research; the Burnwynd Trust, and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, whose funding made the project possible.